What Not to Store in the Attic

Out of sight, out of mind—but sometimes, that’s the problem. It’s tempting to store any number of things in your attic, but unless you’ve installed an air conditioner and a dehumidifier, the temperature and moisture can ruin some of those things you may need someday. Follow our guidelines, and you’ll be able to save items that may otherwise be damaged if you store in the attic.

1. Your Wood Furniture

Do you have old furniture that you’ve inherited that doesn’t match the rest of your décor? Don’t store antique wooden furniture in your attic, where it can be warped and cracked by changes to the temperature and the humidity level.

2. Old Stuffed Animals

If your kids have outgrown their stuffed animals but you’re not ready to throw them out, choose somewhere other than the attic to store them. The attic is no place for stuffed animals since mice and other insects can get in them.

3. Your Rugs and Carpets

If they’re made from natural fibers like wool or silk, don’t store in your attic, where moths, carpet beetles, and birds may take roost. Be sure to look around your attic for old wasp and bird nests; larvae love it in there.

4. Your Candles

It’s going to be stifling hot in your attic during the summer. Not only will your candles be ruined, but who wants to clean up a waxy mess? Candles are not a good thing to store in the attic since they will melt at the first sign of summer.

5. Out-of-Date Technology

TVs, DVD players, your old laptop… putting these items in your attic is not a good idea. Varying humidity levels are simply too much for old tech. Moisture will collect inside and damage the electronics. Consider instead donating these to your local Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity.

6. Clothing

Use a wardrobe to store old dresses, gowns, and clothes that are out of season or that you just don’t have room for in your closet. Vintage clothes are put at risk by light, moisture, heat, and moths. They also need to breathe, so don’t wrap them in plastic.

7. Leather Items

Don’t store your old leather jacket or boots in your attic! Like all natural materials, leather is delicate and can’t handle extreme temperatures. They will also begin to smell musty if left in the attic for too long

8. Old Photographs or Albums

Sure, most everything is digital these days, but what about your family’s old pictures? Choose somewhere to store them where they’re kept away from moisture and light, which will cause them to fade.

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