Saving Energy During the Winter is Easy with These Simple Tricks

Most folks cringe at their energy bill when winter rolls around because they’re not aware of the small adjustments to make for saving energy during the winter. Here we have listed some steps that you can take to help reduce your energy bill during the winter, while still keeping your home and family comfortable.

1. Use a Humidifier

During the winter months the air becomes dry and brittle which makes cold temperatures feel harsher. Even if you are not cranking up your thermostat (see our post on home winterization), you’ll get the most out of your heat source by running a humidifier, because moisture will hold the heat in the air longer. Humidifiers take a small amount of energy to run, and a little bit goes a long way when it comes to keeping your home warm and cozy.

2. Adjust your Drapes and Blinds

Let the sun shine in during the day and shut the blinds or drapes to hold the warmth in at night. This is a natural way to keep your home at comfortable temperatures throughout the winter. Use your discretion–if a window is located in a sunny spot, pull back the curtains, but if it’s in the shade and light won’t reach it even during the day, keep them shut for added insulation. This trick shows how just a little thought and effort go a long way for saving energy during the winter.

3. Is your Insulation Sufficient?

Make sure that all areas of your home have the right amount of insulation so there aren’t gaps for cold air to get through and reduce the impact of your heating system. This chart on the Department of Energy’s website can help you figure out how much insulation your home needs based on many factors. You can also find out if you should add more insulation to specific places by hiring a home inspector who uses an infrared thermal imaging camera to check your home for areas of heat loss and missing insulation.

4. Keep your Vents Clear

If you have central heat, make sure that all of that heat blowing from the vents is making its way freely into the room. Watch out for objects and furniture that are obstructing your vents, and if they are, move them!

5. Plug into a Power Strip

You will save energy by keeping appliances and devices you aren’t using turned off. An easy way to do this is by plugging multiple items into a power strip with an on/off switch. For instance, in your living room you could have your television, speakers, gaming system, DVD player, and lamp plugged into one power strip which you simply turn off when you are not spending time in that room. Do this in all your rooms and you will be surprised how much energy you can save.

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For more ideas on making your home as comfortable and efficient as possible during winter, read our blog post on home winterization!

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