If you are getting ready to sell your home, here are a few of the things that you can do to prepare your house for sale and have the process go more smoothly and quickly.

1. Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Make the first impression a good one. This is especially important when the market is competitive. When potential buyers take a first glance at your home, you want to impress them with a welcoming entryway.

Freshen up your front porch by adding a coat of paint to your front door and placing plants or flowers on either side of the doorway. Mow your lawn, and keep trees and shrubs well-maintained. Purchase a brand new welcome mat, and artfully arrange any outdoor furniture.

2. Have Your Roof Inspected

Before listing your home, you should make sure that the roof is in great condition. Hire a professional to inspect your roof for any problems, or when the weather is good, climb up there (while observing all safety precautions), and take a look around for moss, debris, loose flashing or shingles, clogged gutters or anything else that seems out of the ordinary. By taking care of any roof issues prior to listing, you won’t have to rush around during the extremely brief window that will follow a Buyer’s Inspection. Read more in our article on how to tell when you need a roof replacement.

3. Create Inviting Outdoor Spaces

Pay as much attention to the living spaces outside of your home as you do to the areas inside of your home. Of course, you’re going to be cleaning the interior of your home and staging the space, but keep in mind that you need to do the same thing outdoors. Potential buyers want to see outdoor spaces being used well and envision themselves spending time there once they’re the homeowners. When you are preparing your house for sale, it is important to prepare your yard for sale as well.

4. Update Your Safety Features

Prior to listing your home, make sure that there are GFCIs in your kitchen and in your bathrooms. It’s also a good idea to install CO2 monitors and to check your water heater. Show prospective buyers that you’ve invested in keeping your home up-to-date and well-maintained.

5 Prepare Your House For Sale with a Seller’s Inspection

Having a Seller’s Inspection, also known as a Pre-Listing Inspection, performed by a certified home inspector helps ensure that the Buyer’s Inspection won’t uncover any surprises that could compromise the sale. During a Pre-Listing Inspection, your own home inspector will inspect your home for defects and safety issues, giving you time to address any problems before listing your home.

To help prepare your house for sale, Inspectrum Data Services offers Pre-Listing Inspections, Drone Roof Inspections, General Home Inspections and many other inspection services for Northern Virginia home buyers and home sellers. Contact us to schedule your inspection!

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